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Car detailing Port Melbourne offer mobile detailing for cars, fleets and other vehicles throughout surrounding areas. Many people would love to keep their car looking like new. One easy way to accomplish that is simply washing your car every once in a while to keep it clean. However, in addition to washing your automobile, you should also get it detailed. Auto detailing is much more thorough than a quick wash. Auto detailing includes cleaning you car’s interior and exterior and finishing it off by polishing and waxing to make it shine. This service may seem to be suitable only for those with show cars, but an auto detail is necessary to properly maintain your car and here are the reasons why:

Improves Resale Value

According to, by successfully incorporating auto detailing as part of your car’s regular maintenance routine, you will improve your vehicle’s resale value much more than someone who does not continuously detail their car. An article on states that a vehicle can depreciate by thirty percent after one year of being in use and can depreciate by fifty percent after three years of being in use. Usually a new car can cost about $30,300 as mentioned in The Wall Street Journal. This means that after three years have passed, it would be worth about $15,150. On the other hand, CarsDirect claims that even having your automobile detailed just one time right before showing it to a potential buyer can help you sell your car for up to one thousand dollars more.

Protection from Environmental Damage

No matter if you park your car in the garage as opposed to outside in he driveway or street, your vehicle is bound to face the elements. Storms and UV rays can cause some serious damage if your car is poorly taken care of. If you live in an area where acid rain can fall, then storms can huge problem as they can easily ruin your paint job. As discussed in, UV rays can damage your automobile’s paint, by causing it to change color, flake, and lose its glossiness. UV rays can cause oxidation to occur, which causes the paint to become dull. Fortunately, a good detailing can protect and preserve your car’s paint.

Preserves Your Car

Everyone loves getting a brand new car. Unfortunately, that new car scent and new car look fades over time, but you can slow down its aging by having an auto detail service done at least once a year. A proper detailing will perform a foam pad buffing on the exterior to remove small scratches. It will also usually include the use of a clay bar to remove pollutants and dust, such as rail dust and brake dust, that can penetrate the clear coat of your vehicle and ruin its paint. Detailing takes care of your automobile’s interior by removing any dirt and disinfecting the interior, which leaves your vehicle smelling great without the use of car fresheners. Therefore, continuously detailing your car can keep it looking as great as the day you bought it.

In conclusion, the three main reasons that explain why you should get your automobile detailed are: improving the resale value, protection from environmental damage, and preserving your car. Usually auto detailers will have a variety of packages so that at least one will fit your needs and wants. In addition to having an auto detail, you need to make certain that you yourself take of your car as well on a daily basis. Many people may associate auto detailing with people who are known as “car people,” but you really do not have to be a car person to have a detailing done, you just need to care about your car.

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