Auto Detailing Procedure

Restoring a vehicle is quite a process but when it has been polish using a car polisher you would be surprise about the outcome. There needs to be extreme attention to both the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

Auto detailing – This is in depth restoration, washing, and finishing in a vehicle. It involves work both outside and inside the vehicle. In the end, a good detailing should look great, with perfect quality and ability to last. The job off auto detailing is a well-paying profession.

Wash- Wash your car while taking care not to scratch the paint, this can be achieved by using the two bucket style. Previous wax can be removed and disposed of, given that you will need to redo the seals and wax. In the case of need to do the engine detailing, it should be done first.

Dry- a blower is a perfect tool to help dry up the car. It is important to refrain from touching paint to avoid adding any scratches. You could also use other tools for dying e.g. large microfiber towels, with considerable thickness.

Clay- you will need to have a high quality clay bar, preferably new. Lubricant should be in large amounts too. Make sure to detail headlamps, windows, door lamps and even tail lamps.

Prep- you will need to have post clay spirits to help with the prepping. Ever section you go through keen wiping, while ensuring all residues is disposed of. Though optional you might want to rewash after the clay.

Inspect- this is where you try to identify errors in painting and places that need retouch. A good quality detailer lamp is most recommended for this inspection.

Polish- in case that during the inspection you decide to do some repainting, you will do polishing. Use buffing pads and compounds properly with respect to the brand paint materials you used.

Protect- in this step one can use polymer paint sealant first, or another option would be to directly use the carnauba wax for protection. It’s usually advisable to give it time approximately 10hrs between the two layers.

Inside- this is important too, making sure the insides are done. You could make use of the time when waiting for the wax to cure.use such things as the carpet shampoo or a vacuum cleaner.

Fabric- the seats if made of leather would need high quality cleaners. It needs a lot of care. A conditioner will come in handy after the cleaning is done. Is vital to know the kind of leather you are dealing with in order to find out their compatible conditioners.

Wheels- effective detailing is done if the wheels are removed and the job done while they are out. Next on would be to use some past detailing on the wheels. For longevity of cleanness of wheels, a polymer sealer is appropriate. Dressing of tires is then done next.

Glass- clean glass with a sealer, non-abrasive preferably. The correct type will stick easily thus preventing it from effects of weather.

Details- ensure you take into great consideration the minor details. Spend as much time as needed in every little step e.g. sealing and waxing. Hidden places should be waxed and sealed to help them retain cleanliness for much more time.