Best Leather Conditioners and Leather Cleaners for Cars 2017

Even the car polisher can damage your paint if you don’t know what you’re doing or try to rush through the job. When you add leather to anything they become more luxurious and valuable from cars, furniture, watches, coats and many more. Leather’s sleek texture makes it comfortable to wear, while its shiny finish exudes elegance unlike no other. If you want your car interior to be stylish, upgrade it to leather. When it comes to the subject of auto leather conditioner, it is a subject full of bad information repeated by many misinformed people.

However, maintaining any leather product is quite a challenge. Because of wear and tear, it loses its once majestic surface. Often, it forms cracks and slowly its color fades because of exposure to the elements especially water. And when that happens, it can be quite a disappointment because you can only buy the best leather with top dollar.

Luckily, you can protect your leather items from damages and discoloration by using leather cleaners and leather conditioner. These items can extend the longevity of your leather interior for decades. They are also inexpensive, easy to apply and proven to deliver impressive results.

Why use Leather Conditioner and Leather?

Interior leather can be classified into two kinds- synthetic vinyl and real leather. Both lose their moisture over time, especially when they are exposed to water and dirt. When this happens, it begins to age and soon enough loses its color and forms cracks.

Cleaning them with leather cleaners allows you to clean them without having to worry about damaging the material. These products are also specifically made to moisturize and nourish leather so it can last longer. In doing so, the leather maintains its stylish appearance, durability and strength.

Compared to having your leather interior cleaned by professional restorers, cleaning it yourself is much cheaper. All you need is the proper product for the job and some basic knowledge on how to apply it properly.

When selecting leather conditioners and leather cleaners for your automotive cleaning you should look for qualities such as safe to apply to the kind of leather your interior have, quick to apply and has proven to deliver great results.

In this article, we will review the best leather cleaning products are in the market. We’ll also discuss what type of leather they are best to apply, as well as their pros and cons. Here are the 7 best leather conditioners and leather cleaners for automotive cleaning.

Leather Honey has a long tradition with cleaning real leather products. It has been around since 1968 and is one of the top names in terms of maintaining authentic leather interiors and leather couch. The company has retained the same formula for 50 years- and it still works wonders.

This product has a thick viscous liquid that soaks into pores of leather which will prevent it from absorbing moisture any time soon. Doing so will help it protect your car’s leather from spillage, sweat, snow and other liquid that you take in your vehicle. It’s non-solvent, non-toxic, not stick, no odor and does not contain silicon.

The manufacturer, however, does not recommend this on suede and vinyl leather.

We tried it on one of our car’s leather seats and were quite satisfied with the results. It took about two hours for it to dry. The product did not leave any oily residue after application. The leather also feels to be softer and almost rejuvenated its once shiny gloss.


One application lasts for six months or longer which saves you both time and money
Deep penetrating solution that prevents cracks while making your leather feel more supple


Can only be applied to genuine leather

If you are looking for a solution that can clean your leather interior without having to apply again for a long time, this is the product to buy. It penetrates in the leather deeply, which explains why it takes time to totally dry up. To get rid of the molds on your leather you may want to check the products we sell in our website