National Survey Shows that Storefront Signage is the Best Marketing Tool for Small Businesses

Torrance, CA (PRWEB) March 25, 2016

Signtronix, the country’s leading manufacturer of signs for small business, conducted a nationwide survey that found the storefront signage of a business is the number one reason customers entered the business and made a purchase. design & print any type of signage Sydney services to maximise your impact in the market.

For over 10 years, Signtronix asked their customers to conduct a survey – to their new customers – after their sign has been installed. The Signtronix customer asked the first 30 new customers one question: “What brought you into our store today?”

Over 22,000 responses were gathered by over 800 Signtronix customers. The results were the following:

  • 46% entered the business because of the SIGN in front
  • 36% entered the business because of word of mouth
  • 8% entered because of a newspaper ad
  • 10% entered from other sources (Internet, yellow pages, radio and TV)

“This is a significant finding because every business is looking for the right tools to promote their business and get customers into their store,” said Brenda Moore, Vice President of Signtronix. “They spend thousands of dollars of their hard-earned money on marketing tools they HOPE will work. Now we have these survey results that show a sign is your best marketing tool.”

Tom Boren, CEO of Signtronix said, “The marketing space is fragmented and confusing these days. A business owner has to decide where he or she should invest their precious marketing budget. The choices are many. They can use print… television… radio… internet… e-mail campaigns… point of purchase promotions… storefront marketing… mobile marketing… just to name a few. It’s all very overwhelming for them. They just want to get customers into their doors and grow their business.”

“We’ve seen the impact our signs have had on our customers for over 50 years now. We’ve received thousands of letters letting us know that our sign has helped our customers grow their business – usually by 40% and more. Here’s a quote from one customer that we just received in the beginning of this year:

“The video rental industry is declining, so we decided to put a small rock shop inside to add something different to our small town. We were spending A LOT of money on advertising to let the community know about our changes but it wasn’t working very well for the amount we were spending.

Then, a wonderful salesman from Signtronix walked in and told us about this digital sign that would fit right into the storefront window. We decided to give it a chance, and it has paid off tremendously. It’s a constant reminder of the new items and services we provide to our local community and tourists.

We have increased sales on our rock sales and services by 50% and it has only been a few months. I am always hearing “I saw on your sign that you have lapidary services” or “I didn’t even know you added these items to your store until I saw the sign”. My favorite compliment is “Your store front looks nice”.

I was skeptical at first about how much the sign would help, but it really did. It even helped with the movie advertisement. The movie industry doesn’t provide many posters anymore due to digital takeover, so it is a great asset to be able to advertise the new titles over the sign every week. I am very grateful for this opportunity to better my business. Thank you SO MUCH Signtronix!

Alva Roth
Owner, TapeDek Video & Minerals
L’Anse, MI

“One important note is that these results DO NOT pertain to just ANY type of sign out there. This is specific to the type of sign that Signtronix designs and manufacturers. There IS a huge difference in the performance of signage,” said Brenda Moore.

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