Artist’s Statement, Brochure and Business Card: A Requirement for Every Professional Artist

An Artist’s Statement is the first prerequisite of any professional artist. It is an official statement by the artist to inform the public about his/her philosophy, style, technique, sources of inspiration and medium of artistic expression. This document clearly outlines what is behind the forms, colours and shapes organized on the surfaces of art works. Understanding the concepts behind the creation of an artist’s works deepens appreciation for his works and shows his maturity. Some concept board artist work freelance for movie studios that need quick boards to guide directors for live action movies.

Many artists assume that everybody who sees their works will automatically understand their philosophy and concept for the creation of the works. But this is largely not true since most people just look at the aesthetic appeal of the works of art without taking the pain to understand the philosophical ideas behind them. Therefore, it should be of greatest importance to the artist to always prepare and distribute his/her statement to guide his/her admirers to have a clearer and better understanding of his/her works.

The artist’s statement is very important to the artist and his clients. It helps art consultants, dealers and retailers etc. in understanding the style, techniques and concepts behind a particular artist’s works. This makes it easier for them to promote and sell works of the artist. With it, the art dealers and retailers can convincingly explain the works of art propelling viewers to patronize and purchase the works. Also, it serves as background information in helping writers, critics and curators prepare articles, reviews and exhibition catalogues about artists and their works. In addition, it can help the artist in sourcing for grants, loans and other forms of financial assistance from banks and other financial institutions.

The second necessity of a professional artist is an artist’s brochure. This is a printed document, booklet or a thin book that gives information about an artist and his/her works. It contains the background information of the artist, his profile, educational and professional background, skills and expertise etc. It is the embodiment of the personality of the artist. This brochure accompanies a finished work executed by the artist. A good artist’s brochure may have among other things the following essential things.

i. The name of the artist/practitioner- This is the full name of the artist as well as his brush name if any. A brush name is the name an artist pens under his work. It may be the artist’s name, the initials of his full name or his nick name.

ii. The artist’s statement- This is a document that talks about the philosophy behind the production of his works. It also outlines what motivates him for his artistic productions and the rich ideas lavishly portrayed in his works.

iii. Contact- This is the vital information about how and where to get the artist. It includes the artist’s telephone number(s), email address, postal address, website, etc.

iv. Location of studio- This is the direction to the workshop or studio of the artist. It is the residential address that indicates the area, suburb, district, region and nationality of the artist. The house number (if available) of the studio and any other clues that would make it easy for people to identify the studio should be included in the brochure.

v. Photos of some works produced- Pictures of the works produced by the artist should also be part of the artist’s brochure. The accurate dimensions and size of the work should be indicated. Moreover, the title of the work, the medium used for its production and more importantly, the price of the work should be included.

vi. Record of previous exhibitions held- A record of the various exhibitions that the artist has participated should be included in brochure whether it was an individual exhibition, a group exhibition or an international exhibition.

A business card is the third quintessential tool of a professional artist. It is a relatively small card that identifies an artist. It answers all the questions as to who, where, how and when to find the artist. Though it is just a small card, it is rich with vital information about the artist. It shows a businessman’s name, position, company, telephone number and address etc. It is commonly referred to as a worker’s complementary card. This card is of immense benefit to any professional artist.

The professional artist should always have some copies of his business card with him so that he can offer them out to people during his day to day activities and more importantly during art programs, seminars, conferences, workshops etc. This will offer him several rich opportunities to establish links and gain contracts with different categories of people. The business card also contains an image or picture of one of the best works of the artist as well as a short summary of the artist’s statement. The business card can have a single section or an accordion fold. However, it has to be very simple and attractive.

Artists striving to earn recognition in the global art industry should make it their goal to develop and create their own statements that details the concepts behind their works and inventions. In addition, they must have a brochure that talks extensively about him and his works as well as a business card that identifies his entire makeup.

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