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     On this site, various information can be found in regards to our young kennel, our sighthound-sport team, our dogs, and other related topics.

This site is best enjoyed with a web-browser other than MS Explorer.

               (for example: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera).

     All photos, graphics, and videos are original Mach-Speed material.  If you would like to use something, please contact us so we can keep track of what is being used where. Thank you.

     We would like to thank the photographers which include: Artur Wróbel, Skaand, Artur Dusiński , Marcin Jarecki , Sobol , Łukasz Karnas, M. Michalska, Natalia Zeszutek, Stanisław Sowa, Natalia Jaszczuk, Karolina Pacewicz, Jacek Kołakowski, Paweł Piskunowicz, & Julia Szopa.  (If someone is missing, or you find a mistake, then please let me know.  Thanks!)


The Mach-Speed Team highly-recommends, supports, and adds whippet data to:

Register yourself!  (It's easy and you most definitely will NOT get spam!) .

Use it!   Add data to it!   Promote it!   Tell others about it!

We are so lucky to have this invaluable whippet genetic/pedigree database!  Is/are your whippet(s) on this database? Is your friend's whippet on this database? Is the data to those entries complete?  If you dont want to register a whippet's data there yourself, you can send it to glennSKii to in an e-mail and he can do it for you.




The Mach-Speed site was prepared by Rafał Ercztery in cooperation with glennSKii Meyer-Greer (Mach-Speed Whippets).  If you would like a kennel site (or any site) like this one, please contact those guys.  They are really good!




Below is our old guestlist.  Unfortunately, it seems as though this guestlist service is being discontinued.  We will try to start fresh with a new one soon.  If you know of a good one, please email me about it.


ROCKET (Rocket from Pocket Yakuza.Gdy)

ŁAJKA (Karadhras Tinker Bell)

ASTRO (Lyudovik I)